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Something, something, something, to pass the time

Seth MacFarlane creator of Family Guy
Seth MacFarlane creator of Family Guy
AP Photo, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

With the holidays past, brief vacations have already become rapidly fading memories. Many might still be clinging to that resolution to quit smoking or go on a diet, so far the main result of which being that everyone you know has suddenly become more irritating and you hate yourself for buying your kids so many things that make noise. This is the perfect time to look for something that might provide a brief, but welcome, distraction from the everyday grind. Like all of mankind’s basic needs, this one can be fulfilled by Star Wars.
No, not the horrifying prequels, and not quite the originals but something close. Seth MacFarlane presents his latest Lucas tribute with Something, Something, Something, Dark Side. Just as Blue Harvest did, Dark Side continues the Star Wars saga following the events of The Empire Strikes Back with the cast of “Family Guy” taking over all the major roles. And just as in the first parody the second is fully saturated with the bits more than familiar to the loyal “Family Guy” viewer.
All things considered it is a satisfying experience. However, it did fall short of the comedic flair possessed by the first. This could simply be that the novelty of the Star Wars parody is wearing off. It could also be that gags so commonly seen on the show have just been overused; sure the first time Peter fell down and then gasped in pain for at least thirty seconds it was funny, but after a while jokes that center entirely around prolonged heavy breathing just lose their luster.
The most noticeable decline comes in the form of Stewie, who portrays Darth Vader. In the past Stewie has been a well rounded character bouncing between homicidal megalomaniac and bratty petulant child occasionally displaying strong homosexual tendencies. However, as Stewie has becoming more flamboyantly gay in the show it has become the sole focus of his character. Thus, Stewie scarcely has a string of dialogue that doesn’t focus on his homosexuality. Sure, gay baby, it was a great bit but no matter how shocking something is the first time you see it, after the fiftieth time it’s old news.
Despite theses drawbacks fans of the show should still be able to enjoy Something, Something, Something, Dark Side. The classic character quirks and random sidebars which are completely unrelated to the storyline coupled with the immortal backdrop of The Empire Strikes Back make for a fun distraction. Though anyone who isn’t a "Family Guy" fan or who has found themselves disenchanted with the series as of late my want to just wait for this latest special to be aired on Fox or Adult Swim.