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Something Old and Something New From a Brewery That's Blue ( . . . Point)

An old favorite from Blue Point

Re-posted from my blog: Malted Musings.

Yesterday Eli Cannon's Tap Room hosted Blue Point Brewing Company for Eli's Tuesday Night Tastings. Per usual the spread was impressive, with 12 different Blue Point beers on draught. For my personal "pick of the litter" I went with an old favorite and a brand new addition to the Long Island brewery's lineup.

One of my personal favorites from Blue Point (and the first beer I tried) was the Sour Cherry Stout. This beer pours out an impressive, heavy, shade of deep red/black. The smell coming off of this one was bitter with a faint hint of dried fruit. At first pull the stout is slightly sweet, dry, with a tinge of bitterness. The flavor from here moves quickly to a bright, carbonated note that is slightly hoppy and ever-so-sour with a tinge of smoky bitterness. Lingering on a dull sour note for a moment, the taste fades out with a slight coffee tone that mingles with a hint of floral deep bitters and some dry fruit undertones. Altogether this beer has an all-pervading coffee tone that lingers from beginning to end. Sized medium to heavy, this potent beer has a thick bitterness that is lessened with some great slightly sweet & sour tones. The Sour Cherry Stout is very malty, yet also slightly sweet and very approachable. An excellent choice for colder weather, or really any time you want something a little bittersweet for dessert.

The other beer I wanted to showcase was Blue Point's brand new brew: the Mosaic IPA. This 5% West Coast style IPA pours out a murky golden, translucent color with a brisk, bright head on top. The nose on this one comes off with floral with notes of citrus and light hints of pine. At first taste this beer has a clear, floral, light taste that moves to a sharp, medium hoppy citrus note. From here the taste quickly winds down to a light, slightly malty citrus tone that cuts out abruptly, leaving a brisk (not too sharp) pine flavor. This is a lighter beer that approaches the medium level due to that brisk sharpness. The bitters don't linger (though they certainly exist!) and leave me with a very pleasant hop flavor. My opinion is that the market is a bit over-saturated with IPAs right now, but this one stands out for its ability to give me sharp hopping without blowing out my taste buds.This is a sessionable, brisk IPA that focuses on balanced citrus notes and ends up being a well-rounded, evenly pulling IPA that would be good to crack open any old time.

I also had a chance to talk to the illustrious Blue Point rep, Jamal last night! Be sure to tune in to my blog again as I talk new Blue Point beer and what the close future holds for this great brewing company. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ for more hot-off-the press local beer info and views!

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