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Soft colors with eyelets
Soft colors with eyelets
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Want something new and different? Even if you have the money to buy a designer's styles like Fendi, they're not exactly new and different in a big way. While Fendi has bright, vibrant colors, it is a contrast with Junya Watanabe, with Watanabe's dread locks and drab colors. That messy look that's still in style is different from Fendi. However, Fendi isn't that different from what you would find on the sale racks at Carson's or Macy's, where they also feature their designers in the Chicago area and have an Audrey Hepburn look with their sheaths that is definitely retro.

Want something soft and striking? Apricot Lane's fashions are inviting, if you need bridesmaid's kinds of dresses, with a hemline at the knee. While they don't have alterations, neither do any of the department stores these days. At least, they don't advertise such a feature at orther stores again yet. So if you are petite or very tall, you might find something that's sized for you if you get lucky, like with maxi dresses that would only fit a lady who's about 6 feet tall or taller.

They have racks and racks of dresses at most of the department stores in the Chicagoland area. They're on sale from time to time, to help people get ready for fall and school. Anything really new? No, not lately, unless you want a drab cape that is probably retro from the 19th century and perhaps prior to that. Antonio Berardi's another designer out there, which you can find if you search on the internet, with a Strawberry Shortcake look, if you remember her with all of her strawberry dolls and such. Christian Dior has something truly new, especially to those who don't search the designers every day, if you want something with bright colors and strips of fabric, just to be different.

Want something more basic and versatile? Apricot Lane will probably have what you want, at least in the Chicago area or anywhere else if you search online. Their boutique has soft colors for summer, if anything's left from that collection. Our dress in the photo has a competitive dress with Apricot Lane Boutique's summer collection. They've gone to bright colors for the fall, with creative original touches. So look out for summer and fall designs, or maybe even designs for spring. You may just find something new and enduring, even in the sales racks!!