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Something much worse than Hamas...

Lt. General Michael Flynn, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, raised quite a stir in recent days with his statements that if Israel destroyed Hamas in Gaza that something much worse might take its place.

Killing off Hamas would not open some kind of vacuum for a worse group to emerge as the Lt. General claimed. There IS nothing worse than Hamas.

This is as bad as it gets. They are a brutal fundamentalist group who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, no less than ISIS al-Queda, or the Taliban. As an example, they shot and killed 15-20 of their own people protesting against them during one of the recent brief cease fires, labeling these people collaborators to justify wanton murder of their own people.

Continuing to fear these groups as the lessor of something much worse as Lt General Flynn has done with Hamas points to either his misunderstanding of what is coming or he just doesn’t want to see it. Furthermore, it generates a feeling among Americans that yes, the Israelis can talk to these people. They can negotiate a final peaceful settlement.

No, there is no negotiation with any Mideast terror group. Hamas is part of an overall movement in the Muslim world to violently perpetuate the idea of Islam taking over the world. Their first order of business is to remove the infidel Jews from Muslim holy land and establish their state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean.

This is no different than other groups operating in the Muslim world. They may differ on some tactics and motivations but they are all the same in their goals. Kill off Israel, then Europe, then the United States and all free peoples everywhere.

And, there are literally dozens of these groups springing up all over the Muslim world with growing popularity among the ordinary Muslim.

If we fail to act against them they will eventually coalesce into one major entity bound by a single Caliphate which will give the rest of the world an ultimatum.

Convert to Islam or die.

Lt. General Flynn would be more prudent preparing for that event rather than wasting precious time trying to influence American policy that it should back the continuation of Hamas in the Gaza Strip because if Israel completely wipes them out something much worse will take its place.

Letting or encouraging Israel to go ahead with complete destruction of their enemy would remove one part of the threat that we will face in the near future. At present this ideology is fractured enough so that we could take advantage of them not operating as one unit. But, if we continue to deny that such a threat exists, the day will come when they will look menacingly at the Western world, Europe, North America and our allies everywhere else.

We will be faced with a much worse problem, not in the Gaza Strip but all over the Muslim world, from East Asia all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

They have nuclear weapons, and they will use them. There is no “mutual assured destruction” with an ideology that welcomes its own death. Allowing the coalescing of the Muslim world to expand its violent Caliphate will plunge the world into a dark age that is beyond our deepest political nightmares.

Putting off that inevitable confrontation between east and west, still thinking that a peaceful solution can be reached, wanting to believe that this is an ideology that can be negotiated with, is suicide for our way of life.

Lt. General Flynn, was right about one thing though. Will there be peace in his lifetime? He replied emphatically “no!”