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Something I would never have thought I would do

As I stated the information about how I encode images was not something I had considered sharing. I did say in the last article that I was doing something I would never have dreamed I would. I have shown some of how I process images and encoding them. It is not something I would normally do but with this being such a serious issue to so many I felt my personal preferences are not as important as sharing the information that may help other copyright holders.

I felt it was important that I share some of the techniques I use to protect my images. I have had people post them as public domain to their own work without any thoughts of how things really should be done. By posting these images online, generating income, having people repost them, taking them or by changing the copyright has caused a lot of trouble. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to clear this up. As of right now it still is not done but it is becoming manageable.

Another point that needs to be remade is that the attempts to locate someone are as much about the attempts as finding the person. The attempts are to demonstrate to the court that you made a serious attempt to get contact information only. If you get it then the court is happy, if you do not you need to show a serious and diligent search for them was undertaken. Once you show that attempts were made then the court may proceed if they agree it was diligent.

The criminal side is also enhanced with the images having secondary markings or information encoded that the infringing party has no idea about.

As I said, create your system, use it, and keep it a secret even from spouses, friends and relatives. If they ask how you protect your images tell them you copyright them.

The slideshow from the previous article also shows the how and why to encode information. It could be helpful.

I am not an attorney. These are my personal opinions and general information only. These are not legal advice and should not be used as such.

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