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Something Fierce lurks in Houston

Workin' it
Workin' it
Valerie Tamburri via MySpace

When old(er) generation punks like me hear or see the phrase "powerpop," we shudder. The phrase itself isn't inherently bad, it used to apply to bands like the Jam and Elvis Costello and the Attractions. But, just like any other sacred cow, the phrase was co-opted, watered down and applied to any band with more than three tee-shirt designs in the local Hot Topic.

Something Fierce fall into the former category. The bands sound places them firmly in the post-punk wave when the song-writers began to truly apply their skill. The Mekons, the Clash, Chumbawumba and XTC are close comparisons, but Something Fierce maintains the sort of individuality only bred in Texas.

Something Fierce is on tour in the wake of their Free Press Summer Fest, returning to Houston in September. In the meantime, give them a listen at their MySpace page.