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‘Something extraordinary is happening,’ says Oshawa abductee

Solar flares have been increasing over the past few years that have the potential to affect communications and Internet services.
Solar flares have been increasing over the past few years that have the potential to affect communications and Internet services.
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Paul Shishis of Oshawa, Ontario says “Something extraordinary is happening,” but he can’t quite figure out what.

He posed the question of whether “a dimensional shift or possibly a merge” has occurred that allows people who are tuned in to become more aware of and to see UFOs in and around our planet. Although people have been seeing these craft going back thousands of years in earth’s history, sightings appear to be far more prevalent today.

“Could it be that atomic matter is changing, effecting all biological matter today – even our Mother Earth?” he asked adding that he believes there are “many levels within and around our realm that probably vibrate at different rates of matter.”

Perhaps this is the reason that some people are becoming aware of “these wondrous signs,” he said, not just UFOs but also such things as the “strange sound phenomena” and the possible spraying of chemicals or other materials in the sky.

A recent news article in Scientific American entitled Earth's Magnetic Field Flip Could Happen Sooner Than Expected notes, “Changes measured by the Swarm satellite show that our magnetic field is weakening 10 times faster than originally predicted...”

It is the magnetic field, which extends “370,000 miles (600,000 kilometers) above the planet's surface,” that protects us from “deadly solar radiation.” Data collected by Swarm, which is operated by the European Space Agency (ESA), indicates that the largest “weak spot in the magnetic field is over the Western Hemisphere and the strongest over places such as the southern Indian Ocean.

Scientist have no idea why this is happening, however, Swarm’s mission manager, Rune Floberghagen, suggested that the earth’s magnetic poles could be getting ready to flip. Already scientists are noting that that the north pole is moving faster than normal toward Siberia. Even if this is true, Floberghagen said we have nothing to fear since this has happened “many times in the past” and could take hundreds or even thousands of years.

At the same time, because the field is weakening 5 percent per decade (It used to be 5 percent per century!), it has been suggested that a pole flip could occur much sooner. Even so, scientists say that according to previous flips, there would be no “mass extinctions or evidence of radiation damage other than an affect on “power grids and communication systems.”

Is it possible for the strength of the earth’s magnetic field to affect matter? We do know that the earth’s core consists of a huge ball of iron, which is surrounded by a layer of molten metal. As the earth rotates, the liquid metal moves and boils thus creating “magnetic field lines.

All matter is affected by gravity; (ie. two objects being pulled together). Magnetism on the other hand, depends on which way the magnets point, which will either pull two objects together or push them apart. It also depends on the electrons making up either one or both of the objects. These vibrating electrons have a magnetic quality that points in many directions and depending on how many of these point in a specific direction, these can affect the end result as well.

Now going back to that huge iron ball and the layer of molten metal, these contain electrons that vibrate too so any drastic change within them should result in changes in the magnetic field as well. Add to this the fact that temperature changes the state of matter. For example, when ice is heated enough it becomes water. This is because heat changes the molecules in the water. They gain energy and begin to bounce off each other.
With objects, the same things happens. When heated enough, the bouncing molecules cause “a visible change in shape.”

It is known that when molecules are close together, they are more solid and when further apart, become less so. This means that the further apart they are, the harder it is for the human eye to see an object. Conversely, the closer they become, the easier it is to see it.

Taking into account that the earth’s molten core is heating up more now due to the change in the magnetic field and the magnetic field itself is decreasing, this allows more extremely hot solar rays to reach the earth’s surface. It is also important to factor in the thinning of the ozone layer due to years and years of pollution and a noticeable increase in solar flare activity over the past few years. Given all of these, there is bound to be a major heating up of our planet from both within and without. In turn, this could have a significant effect on the state of matter.

In the case of UFOs and the increased in sightings around the world, could a change in the state of matter be allowing us to see a wider spectrum of our reality than is normally visible to the human eye? The same could be said for the ever-increasing reports of paranormal phenomena, particularly the sighting of ghosts, which are the souls of people who have passed over (not to mention other entities). Could changes in the state of matter be causing this as well – thinning the veil between what can now be seen?

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