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Something Everyone Should Know

The other day I had interesting conversation with an old friend reminding me that I should definately write and article on. There are many people not aware of this and they should know before using any medication. If you have an accident or get hurt a lot of physicians will prescribe narcotics such as percosets, oxycodine, or even vallum. Absolutely, addicting. If a person has an addictive personality they could possibly get hooked. Causing them to be a drug addict, no fault of their own. Once they cross that line, it is extremely hard to break.

A quick story years ago someone I knew had a bad accident. He was an excellent father, and a great person. After that accident, he became addicted to oxycodine. He was a full blown drug addict. Years later when I took a psychology class I had learned that people should be cautious when given a drug. Especially if they do not know what the results will be. Of course, as a patient one will trust the doctor. My recommendation if it is a narcotic stay away. Try to take something else. Because the results sometimes are worse than the actual pain.

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Cheryl A Nocera