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Something big from close to nothing.

As Spring dawn on our place on the planet again this year, we have been told of the beginnings of this universe billions of years ago. It’s the kind of data scientists and the common individual has wondered about. Well, not really. Most of us commoners have not explored beyond our noses about how this earth and what we can see in the heavens all began. We were programmed to believe “In the beginning God…” But the scientists have looked beyond and have announced an amazing something big, big, BIG, INCREDIBLY BIG from something small, small, small. Such findings should give those of us believers and doubters pause—pause akin to awe. I have copied the latest popular report in the search from whence we came:

Traci Watson, Special for USA TODAY 8:21 a.m. EDT March 19, 2014 New observations capture evidence of unimaginably fast expansion of universe in its infancy.
“In the thinnest sliver of a second just after the Big Bang, the universe was smaller than the end of your pinky finger. To explain its current state, scientists have posited an event called "inflation," when space expanded violently and almost instantaneously, growing roughly by 100 trillion trillion times, said cosmologist Daniel Baumann of the University of Cambridge.. . That should have magnified tiny ripples in the universe called primordial gravitational waves, which in turn left a stamp on light created some 13.5 billion years ago.

“That light still pervades the cosmos today as a faint glow invisible to the naked eye called the cosmic microwave background. A team of U.S. scientists announced Monday that they'd used a telescope in Antarctica to detect a telltale "curl" in the microwaves' orientation – a pattern that's the fingerprint of gravitational waves. Overturning expectations, the researchers said the evidence for the patterned microwaves was much less subtle than had been predicted.”

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