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Something about our emotions

Emotions. Those "feelings" we experience daily-hourly-even moment by moment. We find in ourselves such feelings as anger, sadness, fear, joy, gratitude, and trust. There are even more.

We have choices here that affect what our feelings are. At the same time, our feelings affect us, they are under our control. The paradox is that while our feelings are controlling us to some extent, we have choices to make that control our emotions.

Emotional choice is about taking responsibility. If we are in a funk, or depressed, or irritable for examples, perhaps examining those feelings and deciding to do something about them is healthy. The next step is deciding just what to do. We could do something simple to provide diversion such as taking a walk, renting a funny video, and such diversions allow us to care for ourselves.

Another example may be in order: the best way to confront fear, to take an emotion and analyze, is to push through it, to face it, even embrace it. In deciding just what to do, we may seek out the help of a counselor, or share our feelings and thoughts with a confidant, or journal about such personal content. In expressing the emotion to the offending party, or even to a friend, allows us to "move" the feelings, let go of them, and then we feel better.

Issues such as the example above, of anger, or mismanaged anger, even hostility, are under our control. When we seek out help to deal with emotions, or takes steps to change long standing patterns of behavior and also feelings, emotional choices are made that result in a positive effect.

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