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Someone Is Trying To Tell Me Something

About a month ago I went to my friend's store Dark Star to get some stones for a friend of mine that is having problems and paranormal experiences. Of course, me being me I had to buy stones for myself. One of the stones I bought is to bring creativity, peace, and guidance. The first night I had it things did become clearer to me, and I did feel at peace. A week later, I had a vision of grandmother that past away two years ago not happy. I was concerned, because I was not sure if she was mad at me, or if she was trying to tell me something. As turns out, she was trying to tell me something, that things were going to be OK. I was not able to see my friend, because something happened on her end, and I ended up in the hospital. I fine, nothing bad. Here is where things get strange, two days ago I was buying some items at a store and something came flying off the shelf. I know with me anything is possible. Last night I was in work talking with a friend of mine and we having a real intense conversation about how hard it is to find a decent paying job. While we were having this conversation, a plastic sign came flying off the counter and broke in half. Now I cannot explain that. We both looked at each other in aw. Anyway, I am still not sure what I am being told, but now I am convinced I am not getting a clear message.

About the stone, one time the stone fell under my bed and I was too lazy to pick it up, my car ended up in the shop, I had a bad day, and things were not going well. The second time it fell, I made sure to pick it up, because I need things to get better, not worse.

Wish Me Luck

Cheryl A Nocera