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Some thoughts on Good Friday

storm clouds often seem dark and scary
photo taken by Thomas Fisher

The approaching week holds deep significance to many different Christian religions. Some of us will dwell on Friday and the dark hours that gather in our minds and attitudes. I don't remember a Friday before Easter ever being sunny during the whole 28 years I lived in the Atlanta area. Somehow, the weather seemed to reflect the somber emotions that signified the crucifixion of Jesus. Here in California, we might have a "lighter" emotion because we are not so much involved in Friday's importance, but look toward Sunday and the significance of the living Jesus.

Might it be simply weather patterns? Is it environmental ... or do we somehow have an influence on the way in which the atmosphere moves through our lives? I'm thinking not so much of natural phenomena but of the energies we exchange between each other and within our own bodily systems. Here in the western hemisphere we are experiencing Spring and all the re-awakenings of seedlings. Across the world, where historically the Easter Week was first experienced it may not have been the season of renewal. The way in which the earth has made adjustments in the lands since Jesus walked among us - who really knows what kind of weather was experienced at that time.

Based on the epic movies of Biblical times, we have been told that the Friday when Jesus was nailed to the cross there were storms and the sky darkened early in the day. Might it be that those devout people in Atlanta expected such weather because of what they were told, shown and read... and their expectations created the weather?

Tomorrow begins Passover and we are reminded that Jesus invited his twelve disciples to join him in a feast to honor this traditional Jewish celebration. Before the meal began, it has been said that Jesus told Peter that he would deny knowing him before the dawn was announced by the roster's crow. Knowing what we know from the Bible, we understand the surprise that Peter must have felt. He was one of Jesus' must faithful followers. He was the "Rock" - the stable base upon which the Christian faith was established and carried to other lands.

How difficult it must have been for Peter to hear this from the mouth of his beloved Jesus ... But did his hearing this weaken his faith in himself just enough to allow it to become true? How much of what happens in our own lives occurs because we have lost faith in ourselves or others? Are you allowing the storm clouds to gather in your mind or heart so that they dampen your resolve to be doing your best or speaking your truth?

The purpose of our remembering Good Friday is not because we want to dwell on the crucifixion of Jesus and the sad three days his followers had to experience. The purpose of our remembering Good Friday is to recognize that earthly death was not the end of Jesus' life - or of his teachings. There is always another way of looking at a situation. There is always a reason for the things that we are experiencing in our lives. There is always a new day to awaken to and start fresh with a new vision and a new purpose. There is always an Easter.

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