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Some surprises were no real surprise on 'Scandal' Season 3 finale

Actor Joe Morton attends the Broadway opening night for 'Of Mice and Men' at Longacre Theatre on April 16, 2014 in New York City.
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Clearly the third season of "Scandal" was supposed to have surprises, but the problem is some of the characters were already so trifling that it was no surprise when they were caught doing dirt.

Who really thought Rowan Pope wouldn't get revenge on President Fitz? As soon as listeners heard that he wouldn't "harm a hair on his head," it should've been obvious that he would harm someone around Fitz.

Who really thought Olivia Pope would be able to keep her mouth shut after Mellie spilled the beans about Jerry raping her? Her loyalty is to Fitz, not Mellie.

Who really had sympathy for Fitz's son? He'd only been on two episodes and was projected as a bratty kid who gave his father a hard time? Mellie's news that she distanced herself from him seemed odd considering it'd never been seen before. When James was murdered, fans were already invested in his character so it was shocking. When Fitz's son died, it was more like, "Dude, we barely knew you anyway."

Who really thought Maya wouldn't end up back under lock and key with Rowan? He'd already caught her once so it was pretty certain he'd do it all over again.

Poor Sally was never going to be president even if she did play the save-an-American routine. It just wasn't in the cards for her. And what other job could Fitz possibly have? That guy is meant to work for no one.

Quinn and Huck were getting it in wherever, including the parking lot, so Abby and Harrison finding them having a quickie in the conference room was almost like coffee being hot. They didn't even try to hide it or bother cleaning up Rowan's blood before breaking out into doggy-style position. Lovebirds!

It was almost a given that Harrison and Rowan would run in the same circle somehow as soon as they both met and Harrison asked if he could call him "Papa Pope."

As for Jake and Olivia getting on a plane together, we don't believe you, Olivia. You need more people. She probably won't last longer than it would take the plane to land before she's running right back to that messy relationship with Fitz.

But there were a couple of "whoa" moments on the season finale.

The first one was that Charlie actually liked Quinn enough to want to get revenge on Huck. Up until that moment, it just seemed like Charlie thought Quinn was just an adorable murderer who was pretty good in bed. Whipping out Huck's family's name was an Olivia Pope move. Didn't know he had it in him. A man scorned is apparently as lethal as a woman scorned.

And as loyal as Tom seemed to Fitz, including making sure he and Olivia were never filmed making out in the Oval Office, it was wild to find out he worked for Rowan. Now that was a "wow" moment. (And it was a classic touch to play The Temptations' "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." That instrumental was almost as cool as last week's episode when The Undisputed Truth's "Smiling Faces" was heard during the pivotal scene with Cyrus and Ethan.)

Maya challenging a child-like version of Olivia in the hospital was no surprise. That is her arm-eating mother after all. But viewers still have no clue what it is about Fitz that Maya hates so much. She seems to despise him more than even Rowan, and there's got to be a reason why. Maybe Season 4 will finally disclose what happened.

So what about the rest of the gladiators? Were you left thinking "Wow!" or was it more like "Eh"?

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