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Some students like Special Floral Arrangement not listed in the curriculum

Among students who belong to California Flower Art Academy, some students love Special Floral Arrangement which is not covered in the standard curriculum. These students are already experienced in floral designs by taking some courses at California Flower Art Academy.

European floral arrangement
European floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy
floral centerpiece
California Flower Art Academy

As they proceed to a higher level of courses, they gradually show interest in even more difficult or artistic arrangements which instructors do not usually teach during regular lessons. For example, some of them prefer to learning what is called Natural Arrangement which is designed without using “Oasis” (floral foams). Or some of them are found in the book or on the internet and they make special request to instructor so the school can offer special lessons.

Although the school offers a guide line to students regarding the type of floral arrangements they are scheduled to learn for each course, some designs are not covered in such curriculum. Suppose a student is planning to make floral decorations for a special event as a volunteer and she/he would like the instructor to teach how to make such floral decorations, the school sometimes arranges for offering a special lesson to this particular student.

Or even if students have no planning of offering floral decorations to a certain event, they just want to challenge making a wonderful designs they happen to find on the internet, they can make a special request to the instructor in addition to the standard curriculum. If the instructor judges that such student has sufficient and appropriate skills to challenge such designs, instructor can offer a special lesson.

We can call this type of design CUSTOM ARRANGEMENT. And this way of privileges can be given only to students who qualify to take a special lesson. Depending on the level, difficulties and also the amount of flower materials and time to be used for lessons, the fee for special lesson fee is decided. The main factors to be qualified are (1) The student already learned various floral arrangements at California Flower Art Academy (2) The student’s floral design skill is considered sufficient and enough to challenge a difficult decorations.

Most of large scale floral design schools lack flexibility in the curriculum or the way of offering lessons. However California Flower Art Academy’s class system is of small scale which offers various advantages and flexibilities to students. Offering custom arrangement classes is one of such advantages. If the number of students per class is quite limited and if an instructor is quite familiar with the nature and the level of each student’s skill and ability, this way of operation is possible.

If you are looking for a floral design school that can offer a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS by way of hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions, why not join California Flower Art Academy ? By well considering your budget, experiences, taste and goal of learning floral designs, you can make a choice of your most favorite course at California Flower Art Academy (some restrictions apply).

For those who have no previous experiences, Introductory Trial Budget Program is recommended for less than $100. You can enjoy classes not only on weekdays but also on the weekend depending upon your private schedule. California Flower Art Academy is operating as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo Japan). For more information, feel free to contact