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Some stray dogs rescued in Sochi after city orders thousands to be killed

Thursday, Fox News reported that numerous dogs have been rescued since reports broke that the city of Sochi contracted to have thousands of stray dogs killed before the 2014 Olympic Games started last week. Several activists have started movements throughout the city to get the surviving dogs out of the city before they can be killed. Tuesday, the New York Daily News reported that thousands of dogs in Sochi that had been rescued from the killings and are now in desperate need of homes.

Gus Kenworthy rescues stray dogs in Sochi

Thursday, pop up shelters and cages were being built by animal activists around the city of Sochi to contain the dogs.

Animal activists have rescued the dogs relatively easily and most of the dogs are friendly and not wild, but now they don’t know what to do with them. The rescued dogs consist of puppies to older dogs. They are currently being held in the homes of the animal activists or in temporary shelters that are popping up around and outside the city.

Check points around the city because of the Olympic Games make it difficult for some animal activists to get around. Certain areas are restricted to local residents or those with Olympic credentials. Fox News reported that some people have donated dog food and medicine to help take care of the stray dogs. Local animal activists have stated that Russians treat the dogs as toys, instead of part of the family and the dogs are easily discarded, even the pure bred dogs, according to Fox News.

Gus Kenworthy, U.S. slopestyle skier won a Silver medal at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi and has seen numerous stray dogs around the city and is attempting to rescue them, according to Today. Kenworthy tweeted and put several photos of himself on Facebook with puppies he found in Sochi. He said that he has seen dozens of stray dogs around the city since he has been there. He’d like to bring some home with him, but doesn’t know if it will be possible. He also contacted four different local shelters and hopes that he will be able to find homes for most of them. See the photo to the left of Kenworthy and a few of the puppies to the left.

See the video above for more information about the stray dog rescues in Sochi this week.

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