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"Some Spiritual Gift!"(Romans 1:11)

"Some Spiritual Gift!"(Romans 1:11)
"Some Spiritual Gift!"(Romans 1:11)

I long to see you so that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to make you strong—“(Romans 1:11)

Spiritual needs may be hard for some to identify. Feelings of guilt, shame, and depression are examples. These need attention and seek to be met. Often times these are pressed down or covered up with the pleasures of this life. The need is still there and does not go away. Many try religion or activities to meet these areas. The feelings of defeat may overwhelm them because of their lack of power and strength.

God speaks of mankind’s spiritual needs throughout the Bible. Sin created a separation from God and a break in the relationship occurred. God promised and fulfilled His promise to heal the brokenness by bringing people back to Himself. He sent Jesus, His only Son, to pay for sin’s penalty and provide the way to reconciliation. Those receiving Christ Jesus can have sins forgiven and guilt/shame removed. They will joy from the Lord. Their strength will increase.

They also receive power. Power is given by receiving the Holy Spirit. They overcome sin, death, demonic enemies, and all that is in opposition to faith in God. They are victorious in Christ Jesus. They become conquerors and live their new life triumphantly in Christ Jesus.

Believer, God has met and is meeting spiritual needs. Have you told someone about His power to help and give sustainment to become victorious in His Son, Jesus?