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Some sculpture resembles miniature giants

At Roosevelt Street and Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Ill. on the northeast side in Grant Park, there are 106, sculpture figures that resemble miniature giants. Magdalena Abakanowicz is the sculptress/artist of these pieces. The Srem Foundry (2004-2006) in Poland casted these figures. Her title for this work is Agora.

These miniature giants are walking in several directions.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

This art's dedication was during Mayor Richard M. Daley's, fifth term. (If this art’s dedication was during Mayor Richard J. Daley’s terms, these figures will have been standing around for more than 10 years.) The figures are striding in four directions: north, east, west and south; I did not notice any going southeast, northwest, northeast or southwest.

Resembling miniature giants whose bodies end at the waists, these cast iron figures have feet, toes, legs and thighs. They are striding, one foot in front of the other, instead of standing, kneeling or crouching. (Some figures have the left feet in front of the right feet. Others have the right feet in front of the left feet.) Wavy, bas-relief lines, which I assume represent veins or slash marks, are on all exterior surfaces.

These figures’, outer colors are dark gray, brown-gray and light, medium brown (feet). The statues’ insides are hollow and light brown (like copper). Viewers can walk to these figures’ rears to see their insides and concave backs.

The figures’ heights are approximately nine feet. Each foot is approximately 22 inches length. At their widest points, the waists are approximately three feet-four feet in width.

This art's installation was October 2006-November 2006. Like Picasso’s Untitled statue, and at least one Miró statue, this art collection is unique. I would categorize it as Fantasy Style.

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