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Some schools may be going to extreme over what they consider religious acts

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It astonishes me just how much anything that might pertain to religion bothers non-believers. It seems like it goes beyond non-believers merely disagreeing with christianity beliefs but more about these people becoming enraged over anyone speaking or acting in a way that goes against their own beliefs. I mean, the words 'bless you' really bothered this teacher enough to suspend a student for saying them to another student? What is happening with this world? I am really starting to believe these people are so angry and unsure of themselves, they are ready to lash out at anyone who is happy and confident with themselves. If they can break these people down that brings them satisfaction, so they think! With that being said, it's time for people of faith to unite and stand strong no matter what the cost! A great example of this kind of intolerance and hatred is taking place at full throttle in places like Israel, Syria and Iraq, as well as other Islamic dominated countries. The very thought of what's happening over there is quite frightening, and many Americans try not to think about it, but when they see this kind of behavior taking place in their own country, it becomes a real thing! Let's pray for the future of this country, because it's in dire need of it!

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High school student gets suspension for saying 'Bless you' to classmate - via @HealthRanger