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Some scholars believe Nostradamus predicted WW III – part 1

Nostradamus is still causing quite a controversy hundreds of years after his death. The man some people view as a seer and others simply as a fanciful writer of quatrains lived in France between 1503 and 1566.

Is it possible that Nostradamus foresaw another major world war?
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With several serious wars taking place at the moment, scholars feel much more urgent to determine if he warned of a coming Third World War. In the past, they have credited him with prophesying about such incidents as the first two world wars and the tragedy that occurred on September 11 when the twin towers of the World Trade Center were hit by a plane and collapsed to the ground taking many lives.

Some people believe astrologer and physician Michel de Nostredame also predicted the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler, as well as John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Others, on the other hand, say his quatrains only make sense after something happens. Either way, most people fear that he also predicted a devastating Third World War complete with nuclear weapons and resulting in a doomsday scenario.

As we sit and watch our television screens displaying military action in the Middle East, terrorist activity around the world and the actions of Russian rebels in the Ukraine, it is not difficult to imagine that the United States and other major countries could be dragged into a war of major proportions.

David Montaigne, who wrote Nostradamus: Word War III 2002 believed the next major war would take place in 2002. In his book he cited the Quatrain #10:89:

From brick to marble, the walls will be converted,
Seven and fifty peaceful years:
Joy to mankind, the aqueduct renewed,
Health, abundant fruits, joy and honey-making times

From this writing Montaigne believed that there would be 57 years of relative peace between the second and third world wars. Citing the following quatrain, he named Osama bin Laden as the person who would run rampant from Istanbul to Turkey (Bysantium) and turn the world community against Islam:

Of beyond the Black Sea and of the great Tartary,
A king comes who will see Gaul,
Piercing across Alania and Armenia,
And within Byzantium he will leave his bloody rod.

Some people believe he also predicted from the next quatrain that the Muslims would be victorious in Spain and that Rome would be devastated by nuclear weapons. As a result, Pope Francis I would decide to relocate.

For seven days the great star will burn,
The cloud shall make two suns to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff changes country.

But Montaigne has been proven wrong in a number of his interpretations. He wrote that bin Laden and then Saddam Hussein would represent the Antichrist. He also wrote that they would overtake Isreal. In regard to WW III, he noted that “the eastern forces” including China, the Muslims and Poland, would take the lead in the war. The countries of the west, along with Russia would enter into the war afterward and be victorious.

Did Nostradamus predict World War III?

Prophecies of Nostradamus

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