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Some promising signs for Obamacare, but ...

View from Pike Place Market area
View from Pike Place Market area
M. Elaine Wilson

The U.S. health administration has officially reported enrollment of two million plus people in health insurance plans through the federal website, and the state exchanges as implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) proceeds. The number is short of the goal set for enrollment of 3.3 million persons and does not eliminate continuing problems or the memory of the disastrous rollout. But some positive numbers in an otherwise unrelenting cycle of difficult news appears to have effected some relief for the administration, with hopes the worse may be behind. White House Confident Obamacare Glitches Are A Thing Of The Past.

However, concerns of back door consistency, actually seeking medical care and payment for treatment remains to be seen among existing issues of cancellation of coverage or increased rates. More than likely additional tweaks and changes in the law lie ahead. In fact, the birth control mandate of the law was blocked by Justice Sonia Sotomayer late Tuesday night pending response by the government, Justice delays health law's birth control mandate,

But for those individuals who have enrolled coverage is effective Jan.1, 2014. The final deadline for enrollment is March 31st of this year, after which penalties will be assessed. So for those who have not yet enrolled, March 31st is an important date to keep in mind. By the March 31st deadline the government is also hoping for enrollment of some 7 million people in the program, including young and healthy individuals to offset costs.

In Washington State an estimated 175,000 people have signed up through the state exchange, which ranks fifth for enrollment nationally, Washington Ranks Fifth For Health Exchange Enrollment (Oregon Ranks Last) | KUOW News and Information and is setting records, Washington health exchange getting record use | Seattle