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Some paranormal phenomenon due to black mold, McConnell says

The host of the X-Zone does not believe ghosts are real spirits of the deceased.
The host of the X-Zone does not believe ghosts are real spirits of the deceased.
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Rob McConnell, producer and host of the X-Zone goes on to state in a January 30, 2014 press release, “In 2001, I rocked the paranormal community when I made the connection between ghosts/hauntings, demonic possession, related so called paranormal activity and black mold. He then goes into quite an extensive explanation of black mold and the many mental and physical symptoms that can result from being near it.

“Areas and substances where black mold can be found include water soaked wood, ceiling tiles, wall paneling, cardboard, even items made of cotton. Black mold can grow on drywall and insulation and can infest areas in the floors, walls and ceilings,” he noted adding that symptoms of “toxic black mold” include everything from respiratory and circulatory problems, to “mental and neurological symptoms.”

Most ghost hunters already know about the effects of black mold but do not use this as their ‘excuse’ for all paranormal activity, especially when other evidence is collected. However, McConnell claims that such things as “unexplained noises, doors, cabinets and cupboards opening and closing, lights turning off and on…” feelings of being touched, cries and whispers, cold or hot spots” and more can all be attributed to natural occurrences and that this should be recognized by “a logical scientist or trained professional researcher.”

Yes, noises could be just the house settling or rodents in the attic. Yes, moving doors could be doing so due to drafts in the house. And yes, the headlights of passing cars can cause shadows. Most ghost hunters do their best to find out if there are other causes such as these.

McConnell concludes by saying, “So, to members of the paranormal collective, the proof for a rational and logical explanation of the paranormal, based on scientific and medical research to members of a logical society, puts an end, without doubt, to the paranormal activity of ghosts, hauntings, demonic possession and other strange, weird, bizarre believed to be caused by paranormal entities.”

Unfortunately, it is not that simple in some cases. Just ask a family that has been terrorized by a ghost or a priest who has had to perform an exorcism. It is simply too easy an ‘out’ to use the excuse that black mold or even electrical boxes known to emit high levels of electrical energy for all things paranormal.

I have heard from a number of people who were embarrassed and even ridiculed by McConnell during an on-air interview. In fact, I felt that myself during my last interview with him. One has to wonder, why is he even doing what he does, if he doesn’t believe anyone who talks on a paranormal-related topic.

I had noticed that McConnell’s regularly published X-Zone newspaper began to take a negative view in many paranormal-related stories. Now the real truth comes out. He simply does not believe in it.

One has to wonder why this man would even want to host a show like the X-Zone in the first place unless his true intent from the beginning was to malign all those good folks who have had real-life experiences. It just makes no sense and the job would be better left to someone who at least has a partially open mind.

The only hope for him is that one day, he too will experience the paranormal. Rest assured, he would then change his tune instantly. Like most things in life, for the rational mind, seeing is believing. At least let's hope so!

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