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Some men are not big fans of aggressive women

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Are you the type of woman that will sit back and wait for a man to approach her?

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Or, when you see a man do you instantly decide that you are going to make your presence known and make your move?

There are some women who feel that when they see a man they must make sure that the man they are interested in knows it. In some cases some women will do just about anything for a guy to notice them. For some men this is a big turn off.

Don't misunderstand, there are men who love an aggressive woman. He figures if she chases him he doesn't have to do any work. In reality he really doesn't. In some cases this has made men lazy. They can just sit back and wait because at some point they will get lucky enough for a woman to come after him first.

The men who are not fans of a woman who is aggressive feel as though these type of women are taking on a more manlier role. In some cases this is a turn off to the point where the aggressive woman is looked at in a way that is hard to come back from, like a guy. No women should want man to see her in that way.

To get away from the female being the aggressive one the women who are like this need to tone it down. There is no need for the aggressive behavior because if a man is interested in you he will make his way over to you. You don't have to dress a certain way, act a certain way or be loud to be noticed. For some reason if the man you may be interested in is not interested in you don't get upset. Just like you he also has the right to choose. He is just not choosing you.

When it is all said and done men choose to meet women for many different reasons. Don't let the reason someone doesn't want to get to know you be because you were eager and overly aggressive and he was turned off.