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Some may pay $62,000 for drugs under ObamaCare

What we know as ObamaCare was originally titled the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” but we've been seeing that patients are not protected under ObamaCare and it is anything but affordable for millions covered by the new law. Breitbart News is reporting that some patients may see their drugs cost more than $62,000 under ObamaCare.

Some will pay $62,000 for drugs under ObamaCare

Remember that ObamaCare was supposed to cover pre-existing conditions, that was another often made promise by President Obama himself that now may join the growing list of lies about ObamaCare told by Barack Obama and most progressive liberal Democrats who helped enact ObamaCare into low.

Breitbart reports, “However, Dr. Daniel Kantor, who treats multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and those suffering from other neurological disorders, told Fox News senior reporter Jim Angle that patients with serious pre-existing conditions like MS and lupus could be facing crippling drug costs under Obamacare due to something known as a "closed drug formulary."

"So it could be that a MS patient could be expected to pay $62,000 just for one medication," Kantor told Breitbart, "That's a possibility under the new Obamacare going on right now."

Apparently, many medicattions were not listed on some list drugs have to be on in order to be covered under ObamaCare, so these drugs (including those for MS patients) will not be covered by ObamaCare. This is yet another instance of incompetence in the rollout and administration of this disastrous and failed ObamaCare scheme.

“Dr. Scott Gottlieb of the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI) says that medicines not included on a pre-approved list receive zero coverage. Worse, drugs for some diseases like MS do not have generic versions available,” Breitbart News reported.

"You have to pay completely out of pocket to get that medicine, and the money you spend doesn't count against your deductible, and it doesn't count against your out of pocket limits, so you're basically on your own," explains Gottlieb.

Millions who actually voted for Obama will be shocked to see how this disastrous health care scheme called ObamaCare is implemented. Millions of voters who supported Obama in 2012 and voted for him, have said in surveys they would not vote him, and would not have voted for him, if they understood how ObamaCare would work.

Breitbart reports of a Tennessee resident and Lupus patient, named Emilie Lamb, who voted for Obama but has had her health insurance dropped and has taken a second job to pay for the more expensive insurance she obtained via ObamaCare.

"Obamacare has made my life a nightmare," said Lamb. "Obamacare is a health plan that is both unaffordable and uncaring. For a law named 'The Affordable Care Act,' this is both backward and uncaring."

While Lamb may be due some sympathy for her situation, she is learning very much the “hard way” that elections do have consequences, and the consequences of voting to reelect this president, after having elected him, are the poor circumstances that ObamaCare is subjecting many Americans to have to live with.

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