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Some Massachusetts residents will not lose federal unemployment benefits - or will they?

On March 8th, The Boston Globe ran an article stating which was contradictory to an article that April 6th  which stated that 9.000 Massachusetts residents lost their federal unemployment benefits.

The March 8th article stated that Massachusetts residents will continue to receive benefits for a few more weeks, due to a state law that was passed last year. 

BUT, if Congress does not pass a new benefit package, as many as 50,000 residents could lose their benefits.

It all seems quite vague and a tad confusing, doesn't it?

The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance states:

Congress has extended the deadline for qualifying for benefit extensions until April 5, 2010. However, Congress is in recess until April 12 and has not passed proposed legislation that would extend the deadline for filing for federally-funded extended benefits. This proposed law would only extend the date by which people can apply for EUC benefits. It would not add any weeks of benefits.

If you have a balance on your claim as of April 4, 2010, continue to claim weekly benefits. However, you may not be eligible for any extended benefits once that balance is exhausted.

Please check back for updates on further Congressional action.

A call has been placed to State Senator Steven Panagiotakos, Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee for clarification.

Stay tuned...

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  • Joe Mags 5 years ago

    Tues, Apr. 20, 2010, I called the MA Unemployment Extensions line as my balance hit $0. The representative said he had to put my info onto a hard-copy application due to their system not being ready for extensions that expired while Congress recessed.
    Once the system is set up, they will have a team of people enter the extension applications. Until then, I was advised to continue making my weekly claim certifications & to keep checking my status online as the data will update once my info is entered.
    They have given their agents no time frame for when their IT will have the system configured & have all of the extension applications entered.
    I now find that this issue was faced at the end of Nov. 2009 & the unemployment department had to get special permission from the U.S. Dept. of Labor to send out "interim" payments as their systems would not be updated until Jan. 15, 2010.
    I hope they learned from last time.

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