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Some Important Features to Look For in a Rank Tracker Software

Some Important Features to Look For in a Rank Tracker Software
Some Important Features to Look For in a Rank Tracker Software

You can now find hundreds and thousands of companies offering rank tracker softwares to online websites and businesses. However, not all of these softwares are the same and a thorough research is what’s needed to pick the best one from the bunch. There are certain features that every rank tracking software must have, but most people buying the software for the first time are not aware of this aspect. Following are some of the most important features you must be looking for when you are out shopping for a rank tracking software for your website.

User Friendly And Intuitive

This is one aspect that any software development company has to focus on when creating a software. Any software, application, web application, website etc. must have a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the software should be intuitive so even a first timer is able to use it with its maximum features. Different types of information should be categorized under different tabs. The dashboard of the software should be a concise overview of all the information you will find on the software’s different sections. Graphics should be easily readable and tables should also contain intelligible information.

Unlimited Keywords

Your rank tracker should allow you to work with unlimited keywords. It depends on your product and the industry your business belongs to whether you will have to work with a small or big number of keywords. Furthermore, constant research on keywords is what you will always be recommended as part of the SEO processes. There are some options that will limit the number of keywords you can check your website’s ranking against. However, the best options are the ones that will allow you no cap on the keywords. You can add new keywords to your ads and campaigns whenever you wish.

Rankings For Multiple Domains

It is best if you are able to get the ranking of your website on various domains of the search engine. Big search engines like Google have many domains set for different regions and countries. International businesses have to perform equally well in all the markets and all around the globe. To know how much the people of a particular region are searching you on the internet is a great piece of information. Look for a rank tracker that lets you get report of your website ranking on multiple domains. This service should be free of cost too.

Social Networking Indicators

Social networking indicators have become of great importance for knowing the weight and worth of a website on the internet. How many likes your website receives and how many people share the posts related to your website or business on social networking websites is immensely important today. You must always know whether a post shared by your writers on your blog was any good or not. This way you can focus only on the areas that need improvement. Modern rank trackers also enable you to know the likes, shares and subscribes you receive for your videos on Youtube. Your software should provide you great details on these indicators.

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