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Some Hot Pockets Recalled

The Steak & Cheese Hot Pocket which is being recalled
The Steak & Cheese Hot Pocket which is being recalled

Hot Pocket fans should check their freezers. Nestle USA has announced a recall on packages of its Philly Steak and Cheese flavored hot pockets. The pockets were found to contain meat that was part of the massive Rancho Feeding Corporation beef recall last week.

Nestle said in a statement that the company did not purchase the meat directly from Rancho, but other vendors on the supply chain may have and some of the meat may have made its way into the Hot Pockets produced at its California facility.

The USDA says the company processed "diseased and unsound animals" and is recalling 8.7 million pounds of meat. No illnesses have been reported in the large meat recall.

Anyone who may purchase the affected Hot Pocket Philly Steak & Cheese products should not eat them, but instead return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. The other hot pocket flavors are safe.