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Some heartfelt words about bowling – courtesy of Dustin Markowitz

Dustin Markowitz, at right, is one of the most passionate crusaders for the sport of bowling.
Dustin Markowitz, at right, is one of the most passionate crusaders for the sport of bowling.
Courtesy of Dustin Markowitz

Dustin Markowiz has become one of the top crusaders for the sport of bowling. As co-host of Bowling Evolved, he has a forum for many of his opinions. This story ran April 6, 2013, and is being re-run to demonstrate the eloquence of Markowitz’s passion. This story also is being updated with a postscript.

Dustin Markowitz certainly has enough going on to keep him busy.

He put together the rapidly expanding bowling website Bowling Evolved last year and is co-host of the website’s weekly podcasts with professional bowler Eric Forkel, a former San Fernando Valley resident.

Bowling Evolved sponsored the Laughlin Cup bowling tournament in February, and the Whittier-born Markowitz has plans to run bowling events in Lake Havasu, Ariz., and Kingman, Ariz., later this year.

Additionally, Markowitz (shown in photo, at right) is a prolific bowler himself, scoring five sanctioned perfect games and five 800 series.

The 27-year-old Markowitz, a Laughlin resident, also is a strong writer whose deep reverence for bowling is unmistakable.

Markowitz recently expressed his passion for the game in a post on his Bowling Evolved website, which can be accessed through, Facebook or YouTube.

I’m reprinting those heartfelt thoughts with Dustin’s permission. His feelings may be shared by others who find the sport more than just a game, but an activity that often provides significance and meaning to their lives.

Here is Markowitz’s post:

Bowling observation of the day: I am by no means the world's greatest bowler but I feel that in my 23 years of competitive bowling experience that I've had an opportunity to see a lot of things. I have competed on the national stage and I performed on the local stage.

I have won some big prize money and I have lost home matches. The one thing that has stayed true to all of it is that I have appreciated the fact that “I am a bowler.”

Take a second look at those four very simple words. . . To some, they mean absolutely nothing other than something that they do on Friday night and have a beer with a friend.

To others, it means nothing more than some creative outlet to complain about a sport they have no real investment in. But to a few of us, it is more than just throwing a ball down a lane. It is more than knocking down pins, more than having a good time with friends and more than a night out of town.

To a few of us, bowling is a true passion and one that needs nurturing and to be brought forth into another generation.

I challenge the passionate bowlers to take the time and remind the younger generation what bowling is all about. Tell them about how the game used to be and what the game can become. Tell about the fun and excitement that everyone has out in the bowling center. Tell them why you became a bowler.

If we can remind the younger generation why we enjoy the sport, maybe we could also remind ourselves why we have this passion. I am a bowler and I am proud of my sport. Thank you very much.

Postscript: Markowitz has announced that his recently suspended Bowling Evolved will return as a weekly vodcast starting in September. A vodcast is a video broadcast carried over the Internet.

The vodcasts will be made possible via an agreement between Markowitz and his father, Brian Markowitz, who is the director of Riverside Lanes in Laughlin, Nev. The Laughlin bowling center will edit and produce the video broadcast.

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