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Some health insurers fear backlash over rate increases due to Obamacare

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As soon as the confetti was cleaned up from the Obama administration reaching its target goal of signing up seven million Americans to health insurance, those same insurers now fear that people began to turn on the Affordable Care Act after their rates increase.

According to Reuters on April 3, U.S. based healthcare insurers said that in order to cover the new insurance policies, insurers will need to raise insurance prices in 2015, and that will put health insurance companies into a head on collision with the Obama administration over the healthcare law.

The Obama administration declared that the healthcare law was working after more than seven million Americans signed up for health insurance through the federal health exchanges.

But according to health insurance companies, the bulk of the first enrollees under the Affordable Care Act represents a higher rate of older and more costly members, which could mean that insurance companies will have to raise rates in order to cover the new enrollees.

The Republicans are hoping that the public outcry of the rate increase will be enough to push the party to retake the Senate in the up-coming midterm elections.

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