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Some Harry Potter fans left in the dark

http://mogulsinc.comFor the die-hard Harry Potter fans, nothing that is reported will deter or encourage them to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth movie in the franchise. For others, however, there is something amiss with the latest Harry Potter installment.

"Firstly, I'd like to say that I am J.K. Rowling fan and love what she has done, overall," said a Cleveland area novel author, who wishes to remain anonymous.  "I am not sure what was in Rowling's mind to go from an intriguing and lovely story to the dark side which, for me, spoils it."

http://mogulsinc.comThe author went on to say that the story left behind its better more intriguing parts and substituted them with questionable scenes that revealed less chracteristic responses from characters than we were used to seeing in  earlier films.  

"For one, Harry didn't try to stop Dumbledore from dying in the film, yet I heard that he did in the book, and would have, if he was the Harry Potter from earlier films.  For me, that just sounds out of character for Harry Potter."

As the story continues through this latest film, Harry Potter continues to grow up to face greater challenges from his foes, as Voldemort's force grows in determination and in number.  Potter now must deal with the vindictive death eaters, spy for Dumbledore and change love interests from Cho to Ginny."I think this movie, stayed pretty true to the book," said Clayton Johnson.  "I can't wait to buy it."

The startling contrast between those that are fans of the movies, but have not read the book and those that are fans of the movies and have read the books continued.

"In some ways I liked it, but there were just too many loose ends.  I didn't know which sub plot to follow,"  said Anthony Brown, who like the anonymous author admitted to not reading the books.  "For all the time it took to tell the story, I would have liked to have a more satisfying conclusion."

However, the daughter of the anonymous author, Megan, had this to say, "If you read the books, the movie makes sense.  It's just a really good movie."

Tops at the box office: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince topped box office receipts during its opening weekend.  Yet, critiques as to whether or not it stands out among the other Harry Potter films is still being debated.


  • Tam 5 years ago

    To the reader who asked why he was confused why harry did not tru and stop Dumbledore from being killed, that is rather simple. He was about to when Snape appeared and motioned to Harry tp be quiet and Snape hinted that he was going to go up top (and hence, stop what was going on). So Harry obviosuly thought Snape was going to stop it, and we know what happenbed nexrt. There was no way Harry would have had enough time to react as Snape, once he told Draco to step aside, killed Dumbledore in a second. If you watch the scene, y will see Harry trusted Snape (or else why would Harry not scream when he saw Snape come up from behind and motrion to Harry to stay quite and gesture that he was going to go up top and handle the situation). PLus Dumbledore made it VERY clear to Harru to follow his exact directions and he EMPHASIZED to Harruy top STAY Quite no matter what. You juts have to pay more attention! There was no need to read the book to understand this scene at all. It was clear.

  • Real Harry Potter Fan 5 years ago

    Wow you guys can't even get the names of the characters right, and you expect people to take you seriously? Who the eff is Jenny? It's Ginny you troll.

  • Tess 5 years ago

    In the book Harr can not save Dumbledore because he, Harry that is, was under his invisability cloak and Dumbledore used a spell to freeze Harry in place so that he would not put himself in danger. This is seriously a slap in journalism's face! You must do your research and never rely on what you have simply heard! Honestly, you sounded like an idiot in this article!

  • Emily 5 years ago

    This article is a bunch of crap! Get there names correct, perhaps read the books, and then try to write a decent article. That, or get a new job!

  • Francine Dash 5 years ago

    I'd like to thank everyone for their feedback; but please realize that people have different opinions. It is important that we be respectful, while expressing our own opinions. Many times I do not agree with the people I interview, but I still listen.

    Thank you, again.

  • Alli 5 years ago

    Tam, I agree it was clear why harry didn't try to save dumbledore in the movie. That choice, however, is completely out of character for harry. There's no way harry would just stand there. Harry is impulsive and not the best listener. And I can think of few characters who harry would trust less than snape. Harry despises snape. The movie portrayal, though clear, was not true to character at all.

  • Jordan 5 years ago

    Wow, I am going to listen to a author who admires J.K. Rowling, but somehow has not read the books. Well, I think not.

  • Ruler of my Domain 5 years ago

    I agree totally...the book was so much better than the film. Each movie makes Harry look weaker and less talented and the omissions take away greatly from the original. I have read the books, I am now visually impaired and rely on audio books (by the great Jim Dale) and ahve listened to them at least 20 times each. While this movie was entertaining and had some humor in it (Luna's explanation of why she wears shoes to bed! LoL), it is NOT the HBP that Rowling wrote and the world has come to love. It's a shady adaption of the basic story with David Yates' deviance from a tried-and-true original. My brother, a Potter movie fan, went with me to see the film and left with a lot of questions, so the movie doesn't stand on it's own and leaves a lot of questions in the mind of such viewers.

  • Laura Andrews 5 years ago

    Hi Francine - I work at the Cleveland Museum of Art and wanted to let you know that we have a different film series each month. Would you be interested in receiving info about our film series? Thanks! Keep up the good work!