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Some good advice can go a long way

Sometimes we look everywhere but to ourselves for the next step in our job search. If you were not you, what advice would you give you? There has to have been some things you've learned during your search for your next great position. There has to be something you did that you (or a future employer) was very impressed with and although it didn't result in you obtaining the position you sought, you tucked it away for use on the next resume, cover letter or during your next interview. It may be time to take stock of those experiences and try to compile all those helpful hints to start handing out some sage advice to yourself. You know your strengths and you know what you need to do and are willing to do to land that dream job. Sometimes frustration, exhaustion and disapointment can provoke us to greatness. Sit yourself down and write yourself a letter where you're honest about what you think did and did not work during your job search. Everything that worked, use consistently and anything that didn't work, vow to never do again. It may sound simple enough, but even one's job search can fall into a pattern that's not always the most productive. Work on being your own personal adviser, it may just land you that next great position.