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Some FAQs for the ultimate Colorado vacation!

Summer vacations are approaching and this is a sign of adventure!
Summer vacations are approaching and this is a sign of adventure!

Many visitors arrive each year to the mile high neighborhood for vacation. Outdoor activities abound in metropolitan Denver and the surrounding high country. And just a hint of local history can create mile high memories and make for a perfect vacation.

So where to go for that pinch of local history or advice on how to bring to life the dynamo that is Colorado?

The Denver Examiner offers excellent reading and resources about Denver and Colorado.

Examiners Lisa Keipp and Rich Grant both offer mile high facts and good stories about Colorado and Denver. And both often include upcoming special events within the scope of their articles.

Stand alone tours of high country destinations and those within LoDo can become a mile high adventure in themselves.

Check the Colorado History Museum’s website, while other local Denver tours offer their own websites.

Local bookstores (especially in the high country), and the Denver Public Library, can both offer up stories and facts unique and unavailable from standard Colorado history texts.

Coloradans or long term visitors can take advantage of Colorado History classes offered by our higher learning institutions. A student can earn a wealth of historical information in a structured environment, and learn how to access more.

Any of these resources is a perfect way to plan for that perfect vacation. Take care though, once begun, students of Colorado history often discover their hearts captured by the mile high state and life is never the same again. But that’s what adventure is all about.


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