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Some fans cheer Philadelphia Phillies' broadcast pink slips

Comcast fired Chris Wheeler and Gary Matthews this week. The cable giant's new $2.5 billion monied interests are fully tied to the Philadelphia Phillies massive new cable deal. That's business and that's life.

As part of their new television arrangement, Phillies' broadcasters will become Comcast workers. Previously they had been Phillies' employees.

Those who choose to work in the public-eye know that petty jealousy, cowardly personal attacks and outright verbal brutality aimed their direction are part of 'the game'. That's part of the tradeoff for the 'perks' that are enjoyed by those who hold every envied work spot.

Wheeler possesses a strong knowledge of Phillies' history. No one can deny that he loves the game as well. Those fans who previously chose to oppose 'Wheels', for his presumed personal battle with the great Harry Kalas, likely have never admitted that they have zero direct knowledge of what actually transpired between those two men.

Matthews was a good player. While his broadcast talents were often called into question, no one should honestly doubt that 'Sarge' gave his best on-air effort throughout each season.

Small people are happy that two men received demotions this week. Wheeler and Matthews are still Phillies' employees, albeit in different capacities as of now.

Meanwhile, mature baseball fans wish both men well in their future endeavors.

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