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Some consider the beautiful art of tattooing as a hobby

Tattoos have long been an expression of many different things to many people. Tattooing is believed to go back 5200 years, with an iceman found frozen at the Austrian/Italian border. He had various designs on his body that appeared like tattoos, though it is thought it was done for medicinal purposes.

These tattoos show all sizes and designs different as night and day.
Photo by Tristan Fewings
A small flower is a first tattoo

Tattoos is an art form in it's own. Those performing this service are very artistic. In fact they are artists that have chosen ink as their medium as opposed to paint or pencil. Your body becomes the canvas for your ideas to be developed by their artistry.

No longer is it the dark, dangerous feeling tattoo parlors. Some of today's parlors are bright and shiny as a doctors office. You can almost smell the antiseptic.

Tattooing has come mainstream in the media. There are TV shows (Ink Master on Spike, LA Ink on TLC Best Ink on Oxygen), magazines (Tattoo Magazine, Inked Magazine, Tattoo Artist Magazine) and other media that support this craft.

Some people make a hobby out of finding their next tattoo, planning it and having it done. There is true joy in a beautiful design that exposes your personality on your body.

Tattoo art is an invasive procedure. If a person is prone to many allergies, it is best to test the ink first. If not properly cared for and cleaned as instructed by your artist, infection can develop. There are many sites on the internet that offer different versions of care, but your artist knows best for your particular case.

So ready for your first tattoo? It is best not to do this on a whim or while inebriated (some shops will not do someone under the influence). Take time to decide what is truly worthwhile art to display on your body for the rest of your life. It can be expensive to remove a tattoo later if you decide it's not for you.

Consider what design you want. Search the internet to find designs similar to what you would like or design your own if you are artistic. The next step is to ask a friend or family where they like to go as this would be your best choice. If you choose on your own, make sure the place is clean, the tools are properly sterilized and you see some of the work of the artist to make sure their ideas are compatible.

You may want to check a few places to find the right environment and match for your personality. Once you've decided make an appointment and do it. You only live once.

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