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Some breeders hide the fact they are actually puppy mills

Casper is such a cute puppy, but where did he really come from?
Casper is such a cute puppy, but where did he really come from?

It is really hard to pass up the opportunity to hold and pet puppies that are presented in a pretentious setting; allowing you to believe that they have come from safe and humble beginnings and just need to be loved and to give love. That is what many pet stores that sell pets want you to believe. They draw you in with bright and colorful notions – as well as the cutest puppies on the face of this Earth.

Once you pay the steep price for the dog and get the paperwork, you may just be surprised when you check back that the place that actually bred this adorable animal is questionable. The dog looks fine on the outside, but will it cost you an arm and a leg if it is not healthy on the inside? What are you to do since you have already fallen head over heels in love with this animal?

Well, the basis of this discussion is that it is up to you, but buying from pet stores is only encouraging them to obtain the adorable pets that they offer from high risk puppy mills where the animals are bred as if from a production line! If you are not familiar with how these sordid operations work, try looking them up online sometime – it will most likely sicken you!

Many of the animals obtained from pet stores end up homeless; orphaned; left to fend for themselves alone or in shelters or rescues. Some are sickly while others have behavioral difficulties. Some are just fine which encourages people to go back from whence they came and the cycle continues.

How do we stop puppy mills from treating animals like a product – not caring that they are living, breathing beings with emotions just like people have? Well, let’s take for instance the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions. That is one way to do it!

This groups looks into any violations identified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and any licensed dealer facilities. In turn they utilize the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) which authorized Animal Care (AC) to take counteractive measures against any violators. They may give them a fine, revoke or suspend their breeding license or they could go as far as pursuing criminal penalties against the offender. This, however, does not always fix the matter. Sometimes the offenders simply change names and begin again! Take for instance Quail Creek Kennel, LLC which was formerly known as House of Pets which was investigated by the Coalition during 2010-2012. When you look to the Facebook page that is to answer any and all questions about this, it is not available. Your best bet at this time would be to contact the Coalition!

Most states have similar types of organizations to protect the welfare of animals and the U.S. regulatory committees can also always be contacted with any questions a pet owner has. If you cannot identify the organization from your state that could help you, the federal committee should be able to link you with them.

Remember, adopt rather than buy. You may just be getting a better deal. Although there may appear to be no upfront issues, you never know what may come out in the end! Animals are a big business - let's do our best to keep them safe!

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