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Some basics on taking digital photographs of your dog


Funny photo taken at eye level.  By Free Digital Photos

Many people cannot afford to hire a professional photographer to get that professional looking portrait of their dog. However, that doesn't mean they can't have the portrait. Digital camera technology makes it easier than ever to  immortalize Fido. By following a few simple tips, novice photographers will surprise themselves:

First decide what mood to depict of the dog. A funny photo can be impromptu or posed and using props such as the photo of the dog wearing glasses. Note that the photographer got down at eye level with the dog to shoot the photo.

To get those impromptu shots, always have the camera ready to shoot, at home, in the car, or even in the pocket. The newer digitals are pocket size. If the dog is well behaved and trained, there should be no problem taking a posed photo. It's a good idea to choose a time of day when the dog is at its most relaxed state. If the photo calls for the dog to look alert, use treats to entice him.  If need be, ask a friend to assist in getting that posed photo.

Crop and vary the angle of the photo.  By Brenda Reeves

For any photo, bright natural light is best. Pay attention to the background. Don't take that perfect dog photo only to discover the trash cans are in the shot. A dog with a visually busy coat will look best against a solid background.

Pay attention to composition. Once the photo is loaded into the computer, ask if there is any extraneous detail in the photo detracting from the intended subject if so, crop it. Use different angles. Taking photos straight on all the time gets boring. Hold the camera at an angle or stand at an angle while taking the shot.

Those who have given no more thought to taking photos than point and click, think about the basics outlined here the next time a photo is taken of the family dog. Remember to have that camera ready, natural light is best, mood desired, composition, i.e. crop and angle. Now, take those photos and be ready for a surprise.



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