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Some atheist go out of their way to trouble religious expression

Religious freedom is being compromised by government policy and atheistic advocacy.
Religious freedom is being compromised by government policy and atheistic advocacy.

Isn’t it curious how much atheists and secular humanists worry about religion? You would think they would merely ignore demonstrations of spirituality since they are the ones that don’t believe in it. However they constantly worry about what everyone else is thinking and doing.

Whether it involves crosses on gravestones, Christmas messages of good cheer, discussing about the love of Jesus Christ, Bible parables and scriptures, or even pictures of Christian artists Thomas Kinkade, suddenly there is a huge concern about being brainwashed, misguided, or believing in what is touted to be fables and myths.

The vast majority of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, if not all, were active Christians in their respective churches. If there was any interest in imposing Christianity against anyone’s will, that would have been done during the birth of our nation.

Constantly there is current day babbling about being forced to comply to the Christian beliefs system when this simply is not the case. You may have a knock at the door to invite you to church or asking permission to be prayed for, but nobody is forced to observe Christmas, Easter, or any Christian observance. Forcing somebody to pray just is not on the list of things to worry about.

The real totalitarians are those champions of atheism as Kim Jong II, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jim Jones, Benito Mussolini, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, and Pol Pot who ascended from the masses to implement the concepts of survival of the fittest and dominating your environment. These brutes followed the concept of natural selection and survival of the fittest to the letter.

The potential of growing an intellectual barbarian is proof pudding in Pol Pot who received a French evolutionary education and became a staunch atheist. Pot dominated his personal environment by putting to death anyone or anything he deemed unworthy to survive. The human psyche is capable of monstrous things as Sigmund Freud postulated if there are not restraints, boundaries, or standards to adhere. Absolute power does corrupt absolutely as the atrocities of Pot demonstrated.

Human behavior is capable of horrendous actions when all restraints are removed.

The best secular humanists and atheists can to is to point to the wicked policies of the Roman Catholic Church and Church of England where corruption and wicked men interested in personal power and advantage did fuel the Crusades. Their absolute power made them drunk with opportunity and demanded loyalty in spite of their fallible nature. It was nothing Jesus instructed.

Prayer, “in God we trust”, the Ten Commandments, or the Bible drives these suppressors of religious expression to make sure nobody else can participate even though this very action is a direct affront to the First Amendment which forbids restricting religious expression. Violating the US Constitution is no problem as long as these religious bigots have their way.

Reason fails to address why it is so unacceptable for other people to believe in something that is not shared by unbelievers. Christians will attempt to reason as the apostle Paul declared, “come let us reason together”. Christians will evangelize, debate, persuade, and compel others as Jesus Christ instructed, but that is it. Authentic followers will not force compliance to Christian beliefs.

However that is not the case with atheist organizations attacking the practices of Christian believers sharing their faith. There is a false standard being used in schools that forbids students from any expression of faith about God, Jesus, or their Christianity. Valedictorians are censored from mentioning their faith even though the belief system of their faith is what their educations is built upon.

Lawsuits are routinely filed by atheist groups that restrict anyone else from expressing religious views.

Although the majority of Americans are Christians, a small minority wanting to push their views on everyone else are dominating the American culture. One complaint from spiteful atheist can shut down an entire school program of providing Christmas gifts to the unfortunate. Hundreds of people are impacted negatively and do without Christmas gifts because of one mean-spirited voice. That is a true sin.

If these godless individuals don’t want to believe in God, then fine don’t pray or participate. But these busybodies don’t want anyone else practicing their faith. They will bully first graders without reservation and squash anything to do with religious expression just to have their way.

The founder of Christianity Jesus Christ said that “they have hated Me without cause”, and that best sums up the attitude of Christian haters that pretend to be open minded, tolerant, and inclusive. This feigned harmony, as many Christians are already aware, is only demonstrated if you agree with their agenda.

Christ was not kidding when He warned followers, “if they persecuted Me, they will persecute you”.

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