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SOMArts will continue the ‘water-based theme’ from the Exploratorium

Poster design for the Friday SOMArts event
Poster design for the Friday SOMArts event
from the SOMArts Web site

Yesterday I wrote about the (sub)mersion at the Exploratorium program that will be taking place tomorrow (Thursday). This is only one of the performance offerings taking place as part of Soundwave ((6)) Water, the San Francisco Innovative Art & Music Biennial presented by the MEDIATE Art Group. Another group that is presenting events in this series is SOMArts (South of Market Arts, Resources, Technology, and Services), an independent nonprofit that operates the South of Market Cultural Center and has as its motto “Insurrection, Connection & Community through the Arts.” SOMArts will be hosting two events on the two days following (sub)mersion at the Exploratorium.

On Friday, August 22, three performing musicians will contribute to Aquaphonic, a multi-sensory program of water-sonic phenomena. Marielle V. Jacobsons will perform her Macro Cymatic Studies, which synthesize her interests in evocative, pulsing drones with the reflective properties of sound sources immersed in water. Joshua Churchill, on the other hand, is more interested in subsonic properties, their propagation through water, and our awareness of them through our bodies, rather than only our ears. Finally, electric guitarist Matt Baldwin will collaborate with Moses Hacmon to examine how sounds that originate in the air can be translated into inducing movement in water.

This concert will be followed, on Saturday, August 23, by Water Storied. This will be primarily a theatrical event with several contributing choreographers. However, it will also involve the participation of composer Edward Schocker, who specializes in working with found objects. He will collaborate with Dohee Lee, who is a master of traditional Korean music with specializations in percussion and voice, in the presentation of “Suijin.”. Also contributing will be the visual art and sound design collective of the MEI.collective, consisting of Jorge Bachmann (founding member), Jessica Resmond, Géraud Bec, and Ignacio Valero.

Both of these events will begin at 8 p.m. at 934 Brannan Street (between Eighth Street and Ninth Street). Doors open at 7:30 p.m., and admission will be on a sliding scale between $10 and $15. Tickets may be purchased in advance from Brown Paper Tickets on separate event pages for Aquaphonic and Water Storied.