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Soma produces clean water direct to your fridge


Let’s face it. It can get expensive buying bottled water each week

To save some cash while not sacrificing taste and quality, be sure to check out Soma, a stylish clear bottle with filters that are made from biodegradable PLA plastic that are delivered through a subscription service to your door every other month.

This might be the best way to ensure you always have fresh, pure water each day. Be sure to check out the package plans they offer to keep you up and running all year long.

The unique filtration system aids in the removal of chlorine, lead, selenium, and arsenic while the bottle itself is a stylish conversation piece. Simply fill it up and keep drinking it throughout the day to be sure you get your much needed daily allowance of eight glasses.

An added bonus, the brand also work closely with charity: water to provide clean drinking water worldwide - a portion from the the sale of each filter goes directly to the non-profit.

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