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Soma delivers biodegradable water filters and a stylish carafe

The Soma system features a biodegradable filter.
Teresa Bergen

If your water carafe was prettier, would you drink more water? The makers of Soma, a new water filtration system with a shapely glass carafe, are banking on this.

I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve turned into one of those people who’s always carrying a water bottle around. And I do notice when other people at the gym have more attractive, eye-catching water bottles. Ooh, shiny! Ooh, red! Does it make them drink more water? I don't know.

German engineers designed the sleek Soma carafe. If you like your water at room temperature, it looks pretty on the counter. At 10.7 inches tall and 6.5 inches in diameter, it holds 48 ounces and fits in most non-dorm refrigerators.

But it’s not just about style. Eco-friendliness is another of Soma’s marketing points. Soma hired David Beeman, who is described in a video on the website as a “boutique water designer.” He’s designed water for Starbuck’s and Peet’s. If you did not know this was a job title, that makes two of us. Beeman designed a biodegradable filter from silk, coconut carbon (that means burnt coconut shells) and plant-based casing. The website is not specific about exactly what is filtered out.

Soma, appropriately enough, partners with water charities. They’re currently running a special that for every limited edition Soma carafe purchased, $12.50 will go towards providing clean drinking water for Cambodians.

Last January, Soma completed a very successful Kickstarter campaign: 2,316 backers invested $147,444 in the new product. Perhaps the genius behind Soma is in its filter subscription system. When you buy a Soma, you’re automatically enrolled to have a new filter delivered every 60 days at a cost of $12.99 per filter, including shipping. That assumes you’ll process 40 gallons of water every two months. Assuming filtered water is important to you, this could be a big advantage. You’ll never have to try to remember to buy a filter again. And of course, this is a big plus for the company. Kind of like those printer companies who commit you to years of buying ink cartridges.

A new Soma carafe with a single filter costs $69. For $109, you can get the carafe plus six filter deliveries.

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