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Solvit Products: Review

Solvit Products
Solvit Products
Solvit Products

Deluxe Car Safety Harness - Four Sizes
The Deluxe Car Safety Harness is a canine savior. We worry about them when we bring them along with us. They stick their heads out of the windows, they wave, smile and flirt with other cars and they generally are just happy to be running free in an environment that could end their lives if other drivers are not as cautious as we are. The solution is to strap them in with this safety harness. They aint goin' nowhere! They won't try to drive your car, they won't Bogart the a/c vent, they will only go as far as they can. Not far.

Deluxe Tubular Car Barrier
This is an extremely excellent way to keep your dog off of the steering wheel. Perhaps, our dogs are spoiled. At least, it's a possibility. But, they all want to drive and yet, they cannot reach the pedals.

However, with the Deluxe Tubular Car Barrier, there is no dog face just above the steering wheel. Granted, they were reluctant at first. Every time we checked our back, cargo area, all we saw were dog faces between the tubular constructs. Not just that, but, there is no doggy-head-in-the-lap either. Yes, it's cute. It's also difficult to drive.

No worries. In fact, Solvit Products come with a lifetime warranty. Love 'em!

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