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Solutions to help sell your older home

All too often, we scour the internet looking for that next home to purchase, only to be met with homes that have been stuck in a time warp. The problem is, many times the price is not stuck in 1970, as many can not afford to take less on their investments. What the seller needs to ask themselves is- do you want to make your home fall into that “fixer upper” category? Which no doubt invites low ball offers? If the answer is "no" here's the crash course in what the buyer mentality is and what you can do.

Problem: An outdated house means a neglected house. Now that may not be the case, but if your home is not updated in even basic ways, this is the first impression a buyer will have.

Solution # 1: Paint, paint and paint. The most cost efficient thing you can do it to get out that paint brush and get rolling. Nothing revitalizes and recharges an atmosphere like fresh paint. Paneling in particular screams outdated, so don't be afraid to purchase some good quality paint with primer and paint in neutral colors. Don't overlook painting your appliances either. Many homes with old appliances would look a lot better if the appliances were painted. The trick is to use the right paint and follow directions. See: Appliance Paint

Solution # 2: Flooring face lift. Walls and ceilings can usually be addressed with paint, however, flooring you may wish to take a different approach. Consider this, if carpeting is so damaged or stained beyond a good steam cleaning, how about inexpensive indoor/outdoor carpeting? You'd be surprised at how nice this carpeting can be and how affordable it is as well. Indoor/outdoor carpeting can be purchased at any home improvement store for a fraction of what traditional carpeting goes for. I am sure a buyer would opt fresh indoor/outdoor over smelly ratty carpeting any day. Not to mention will improve the smell in a home instantly. Don't overlook carpet tiles as another option as well.

Solution # 3: Scented Candle warmers. Old homes have their own distinct smells and while you may have grown accustomed to it, that smell may only drive home to the buyer they are buying old and used property. Keep the scents fresh and not too overwhelming. A house that smells fresh automatically feels newer. These warmers are extremely effective and come in attractive designs. Place them through out your home to give the area a fresh smell.

Solution # 4: MinWax Polyshades stain. This is a product that can go over existing finishes. We all know now that we can paint cabinets in kitchens and baths to perk them up, but there are also stains out there that can be applied directly over an old oak cabinet to give it that dark Cherry or Mahogany finish that is so popular right now. Even old cabinets can look snazzy with a new stain finish and some new brushed nickel hard ware.

Solution # 5: Covering old laminate counter tops. Believe it or not, there are kits out there if you are a do-it-yourselfer that can update those old laminate counter tops. Consider this product and see if you can improve the look of your old counter tops, the reviews are quite good, so it may be the most cost effective way to get an updated look in your home. See: Granite Paint Kit.

Solution #6: Slip covers, bedspreads and drapes. These are probably some of the simplest of ways to freshen up and revitalize an old home. Slip covers over old furniture can do almost as much to improve a room as a coat of fresh paint. Just steer away from jazzy prints and designs. Simple solids are best and you can always add some color with pillows. What makes a bedroom look old and dingy? Old bedspreads. Now is the time to get a new bedding ensemble, and look at the bright side, you can take it with you to the new abode. Too rich for your blood? Consider sewing two large king sized flat sheets and create a quick and fresh duvet using solid colors that are flattering to your décor and paint scheme. Curtain ring clips can also convert flat sheets into window drapes if you want to save even more money.

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