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Solution to the messy bath problem

Clean at last!
Clean at last!
All Things Woof

Do you hate when you wash your dog and afterward there is fur everywhere? There is an amazingly simple - and low cost - solution. It is a diy dog washing service located in Roselle, IL. The name of the shop is All Things Woof...Meow, Too and have filled a unique opening in the dog care market.

Their self service dog spa is a brilliant concept. They offer three washing stations with tubs at a nice height to comfortably bathe your pooch. Patrons also have the use of aprons to stay dry, shammies and towels. To dry your pup, they have a professional dog dryer at each station. Located in the washing area is the shampoo bar where you have your choice of high quality, professional shampoos. The staff will help you choose the right one for your dog, so if Rexi has a dry skin problem, you will find the right solution.

Part of the spa experience is a complimentary blueberry facial for your dog, given by one of the staff. The facial is also part of the standard grooming experience, if you can't wash your pup yourself. The on site groomer does a beautiful job and truly cares about each dog that comes in. Pawdicures are also available, as either a regular clip or with a dremel.

The self service spa is not the only thing offered by All Things Woof. Kathy, the owner, is passionate about pet nutrition. The food lines that she carries are of the highest quality available. And while her shop has only been open about a year and a half, she had been in the pet care industry for many years prior. She understands that problems like chronic ear infections can have a root cause in diet. She is more than willing to help all of her clients find the right diet for their pooch and has the knowledge to do so.

For more information: see them on Facebook

                                         Store is located at 29 E. Main St in Roselle


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