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Solo rower wins the race across the Atlantic Ocean

Four man team won the race last year
Four man team won the race last year
Photo by Maggie Dobbins

Charlie Pitcher, the British 46 year old solo rower, has won the 2009 Woodvale Challenge race across the Atlantic Ocean in 52 days, 6 hours and 47 minutes.

Charlie rowed into English Harbour on the island of Antigua at 1:17AM today after rowing 2,548 nautical miles.  The fleet began the race from the Canary Islands.

The nearest competitor to him is 407 nautical miles behind.  And it is the pairs team of QBE Insurance Challenger who are on schedule to arrive in Antigua as the first pairs team, second completion.

Weather has been particularly difficult in this years rowing race.  The start of the race was delayed by 29 days due to severe weather and it has continued to be a factor.  At one point, Charlie was on track to be the fastest ever to row across the Atlantic until weather pushed back his time. 

He has completed an amazing feat.  His two young sons were on hand when he crossed the finish line and they jumped in his boat for a short row around the harbor!

Charlie had his boat designed smaller and lighter than most ocean rowing boats.  He averaged about 60 nautical miles each day where the fleet average is 30 nautical miles.

There are 30 teams in this years Woodvale Challenge.  The teams are solo, pairs and teams of four.  Click here to track their progress.  Charlie will be tracking the rest of the fleet while on land!

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