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Solo 'Aquaman' Movie Nets Two Writers for Dueling Scripts

Aquaman could be fighting alongside Wonder Woman on the big screen
Aquaman could be fighting alongside Wonder Woman on the big screen

Was Zack Snyder doing more than just rushing to defend Aquaman last week when a Detroit radio station was slamming the underwater hero? Was he maybe teasing a major announcement he knew would be coming? He didn't officially reveal the character to be in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but with Warner Bros. now moving forward on a solo Aquaman film it seems more than likely he'll make at least a cameo in the anticipated film.

A pair of screenwriters have been hired to write parallel scripts for an Aquaman movie, but the surprising news may be the studio's choices. One is Will Beall, the Gangster Squad scribe having written an early draft for Justice League that was rejected, leading to Chris Terrio (Argo) and David Goyer taking over. The other choice is Kurt Johnstad, who has worked with Snyder on 300 and its sequel 300: Rise of an Empire. They will write competing drafts that the studio, and presumably the eventual director, will select from. This has become a recurring practice for studios working on major projects because it gives them some flexibility, and if need be the leftover script can be utilized in a sequel.

This is probably the first of many such announcements as Warner Bros. has revealed an ambitious slate of release dates stretching through 2020. Aquaman will now apparently be filling one of those slots with Jason Momoa expected to take on the role. At this point no official announcement on casting has been made however that is likely to change with this news.