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Solitude is not the same as aloneness

It is dark outside, fog has settled in on top of about one inch of snow, and there is just a hint of wind through the trees. This is a time that calls for solitude and prayer, reflection and withdrawing from the world to get a clearer glimpse of who you are, what you are doing, and where life is taking you (1). Do not mistake this time of solitude for aloneness, as it is so rich with the animate and inanimate influences on you at the current moment that you will need to discipline yourself not to get distracted from the journey within and the being in communication with God.

To feel alone is to feel separated, and that is a frame of mind that can be defeated through opening oneself to the knowledge that we are always connected to the world and to the God that created and is always present in it. Only we can proclaim ourself alone, for the creation around us is constantly reminding us of our connection to it. The Celtic way of prayer dispels the separation, inviting us into communion with creation.

(1) ANAM CARA  A Book of Celtic Wisdom


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