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Solid 'Frozen' back on top

Animated film still surprising.
Animated film still surprising.
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Weather woes can take a bite out of many plans people have and going to a movie is one of them. Sometimes with no fault of their own, too.

But, with the frozen tundra as a background for many parts of the United States, it was that theme that won. In two ways, perhaps.

Digest that idea again for a second. Frozen tundra and a movie that fits the bill. Yes, a movie that has been out for quite some time has found itself back at the top. It was also the surprise of the holidays.

"Frozen" skates its way back to the top spot, despite the wide release of "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones."
The latest "Paranormal" flick is not a sequel but rather a spin-off aimed at broadening its appeal. This time to the Hispanic market. It does employ the usual shaky camera and that either hits or misses with an audience. But, in the end, is there enough movie here to make it past the first weekend?

When watching, one could simply ask, why is this being filmed at all?

1. "Frozen" - $19.5 million
2. "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones" - $18.3 million
3. "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug" - $15.6 million
4. "The Wolf of Wall Street" - $13.2 million
5. "American Hustle" - $12.4 million

But it was "Frozen" that stole the spotlight this weekend. The other angles are really just window dressing. This film was No. 1 the weekend of Dec. 6-8 and almost a month later, it is again. Kudos to that for sure.

The real shame would be if this film, which seems to grab all ages, loses out during award season. Could it possibly not win? That would be hard to imagine, but stranger things have happened. Hand them the award because it does what most animated films forget about - being real good, not just the same cookie-cutter feature used to babysit the kids for a while.

In other movie news, the "Fast and Furious" franchise will simply retire Paul Walker's character and not kill him off. Meanwhile, the coroner's report showed no alcohol or drugs in his system , or that of Roger Rodas.

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