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SolForge video from Gen Con released

Gary Games’ SolForge was announced on August 1st, but since then curious players have been wondering – What is the gameplay like? There has been plenty of information available, but nothing really beats a live video of gameplay. Today, that video has been released.

The 20 minute video recorded at Gen Con features a prototype version of the game and has Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield taking on Vice President of Game Design John Fiorillo. The video recording does an excellent job of highlighting some of the concepts that might seem a little awkward to explain through yards of text, and showcases a full game session from start to finish.

The next chance to play SolForge before it heads into beta for Kickstarter backers will be at the upcoming PAX Prime show in Seattle, August 31-September 2. Along with the video, new tiers have been added to the Kickstarter donation page that allow players to forego some of the more tangible rewards and focus on a pure digital reward pack. SolForge is expected to launch on both PC and iOS platforms.

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