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Soldiers empty casket: Disturbing photo farce brings death threats to soldier

Soldiers clowing around empty casket causes major outrage.
Soldiers clowing around empty casket causes major outrage.
Wikimedia Commons

Soldiers clowning around an empty casket, which was posted in a picture online, have caused uproar across the social networks. The soldiers are in various poses around this American flag-draped casket, which is seen as a blatant disrespect to all fallen soldiers.

The rage conjured up by this picture has led to death threats against a female soldier who posted the photo on her Facebook account, according to ABC News on Feb. 18. The photo, which was first posted on Instagram, has about a dozen soldiers around a casket, all looking happy and some “hugging it out” with each other. The caption reads: “We put the FUN in funerals.”

The National Guard soldiers in this picture are from various units, but the Wisconsin National Guard has suspended Spc.Terry Harrison, who is a full-time member of their National Guard unit. She was suspended after it was discovered that she was the one who posted the picture. The soldiers were at a training facility in Arkansas when this picture was taken.

The photo was originally posted on an accounted registered to Harrison of the Madison, Wisconsin 1st Battalion, 147th Aviation Regiment. The picture and the account has since been taken down.

As with any other picture posted online, it is out there for good. Others had copied the picture, so it is still online today. Over 900 comments about the picture were posted on the Wisconsin National Guard’s Facebook page, most asking for discipline for the soldiers involved.

The National Guard has also taken steps to protect Harrison, who has received death threats after posting the picture online. What were these young men and women thinking? They not only took such a disrespectful picture, but by posting it for all the world to see they brought much embarrassment to their units. Where is the pride that comes along with the uniform?

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