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Soldiers empty casket: Instagram photo a disgrace, soldiers land in hot water

Soldiers take distasteful Instagram photo near casket
Soldiers take distasteful Instagram photo near casket
Twitter Photo, The Inquisitr

Soldiers near an empty casket who posed for an Instagram photo have prompted an outpouring of disgust and anger from other military members and the public alike this week. The soldiers who took the snapshot have indeed landed in hot water, as they are now facing disciplinary action from their superiors and even death threats. The Inquisitr reveals this Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014, that while this lighthearted attempt with an empty casket tried to put the “fun” into funeral, it instead turned out to be an “ignorant disgrace.”

The empty casket and soldiers snapshot occurred earlier this month as military members all posed around the American flag to take a cheerful picture in what should have been seen as a somber situation. Although they were only allegedly trying to have fun, the Instagram image has led at least one Wisconsin National Guard member to be suspended after posting it to her account.

The Guard later announced that the photo of the officers was both “offensive” and “distasteful.” Ever since then, it appears that the woman in question, Spc. Terry Harrison of the Wisconsin military, could be facing more serious consequences than a simple slap on the wrist from superiors. The soldiers empty casket Instagram photo has led to extreme anger from certain parties — including former soldiers — that have even included death threats against her.

In order to protect her and ensure the soldier’s safety, the Wisconsin National Guard is currently keeping a close security watch on her at all times until the situation is no longer deemed a threat.

The major reason behind all of this outrage? It appears that a pair of photos taken by the soldier and her fellow military members downplay the seriousness of military sacrifice by snapping some shots of these service men and women having “fun” by an empty casket. The images were captured by Harrison at the National Guard Bureau’s Professional Education Center in Arkansas.

As evidenced in the now viral photo, the soldiers empty casket clip reveals the military members surrounding the casket when they were to be training to prepare for military funeral honor proceedings.

“It’s just an ignorant disgrace,” said one Twitter user on the image that landed the soldiers in hot water.

“Soldiers in the honors units perform such tasks as carefully folding and unfolding the American flag to be draped over a soldier’s casket, according to strictly defined procedures.”

The soldiers can be seen in lighthearted, happy poses around the empty casket, with Harrison’s Instagram photo caption reading: “We put the FUN in funeral.”

Officials have allowed certain comments (including those disgraced by the photo or eliciting furor) to be shared in order to let people express how they feel.

“We have gotten quite a bit of feedback, and we have allowed people to express their outrage and concern,” said Wisconsing National Guard Spokesperson Paul Rickert. “Because the issue is as emotional as it is, we are allowing people to comment.”

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