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Soldier involved in Jessica Lynch rescue beats adopted son to death

Adopted child beat to death near Washington DC
Adopted child beat to death near Washington DC

A Maryland man is accused of beating his three-year-old son to death. According to a Feb. 18 Washington Post report, Brian O’Callaghan, an Iraq war vet involved in the rescue of Jessica Lynch, is charged with first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. A judge has denied bond.

O’Callaghan and his wife, Jennifer, adopted the boy from South Korea last year. They also have a seven-year-old son.

The boys stayed home with O’Callaghan while Jennifer went out of town on Jan. 31. Prosecutors say it was that day and possibly into the next morning that Brian savagely beat his son, resulting in his death.

The child, Hyunsu, renamed Madoc by the family, had severe injuries to his head, neck and back.

O’Callaghan claims the child slipped in the shower. He denies hitting him.

His lawyer, Steven McCool, calls it a “tragedy and not a crime.”

O’Callaghan waited two days before bringing his son to the hospital for treatment. Hyunsu died on Feb. 3.

An autopsy revealed his injuries were consistent with that of a beating.

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